Memory Care

 Bridges® by EPOCH Memory Care Assisted Living

In response to the growing demand for all-inclusive communities that specialize in memory challenges, EPOCH Senior Living created Bridges® by EPOCH Memory Care Assisted Living, where highly trained teams care exclusively for people in all stages of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other forms of memory loss for one convenient monthly fee.

Recognized as a leader in comprehensive memory care, EPOCH’s approach brings the resident and family closer together within a comforting atmosphere that encourages family involvement and interaction.

Bridges® by EPOCH

Developed in partnership with internationally renowned Alzheimer’s expert Joyce Simard, Bridges® by EPOCH is unlike any other memory care provider in New England.

Everything about our communities – from the easy-to-navigate neighborhoods with memory cues to individualized programming that strengthens residents’ cognitive and physical abilities – is based on the latest in Alzheimer’s research. This places us on the cutting edge of memory care, making residents’ lives as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, while giving families complete peace of mind knowing their loved ones are receiving the most appropriate care and support at every stage of their personal journey with dementia.

Memory Care Assisted Living

Bridges® by EPOCH Memory Care Assisted Living’s secure, state-of-the-art neighborhoods provide the physical and cognitive support and reassurance residents need to move about their homes with safety and confidence.

We strive to find creative ways to involve residents, turning even daily routines like dressing and eating into fun activities with purpose. Bridges® features comprehensive activities that nurture the body, mind and spirit to help relieve the common effects of Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory impairment: depressionagitation and wandering.

  • Dedicated Program Director
  • 24-hour Nursing Care
  • High Caregiver-to-Resident Ratio
  • Specially Trained Memory Care Team
  • Daily Memory Stimulation Activities
  • Fun Strength, Balance and Flexibility Classes
  • Memory Tai Chi Classes
  • Soothing Therapies: Aroma, Pet, Music, Art, etc.

Namaste Care™ … Honoring the Spirit Within

As the symptoms of memory loss progress to the advanced stage, Namaste Care™ – also developed by Joyce Simard – is a program that changes the way we care for residents in the last stages of their illnesses.

Namaste means "to honor the spirit within." The main goal of Namaste Care is to keep our residents as comfortable as possible in a peaceful environment, surrounded by compassionate staff and the presence of others.

Namaste Care is a comforting, sensory-based program delivered amid pleasant aromas, soothing sounds and comfortable chairs. Residents are wrapped in warm quilts and frequently receive hand and foot massages. Sometimes care is just spending time with a resident. Sometimes it’s listening to music together. Sometimes it’s as simple as an extra hug. We know that a caring touch within a circle of love reaches our residents at this time in life.

Learn more about Joyce Simard and the Namaste™ program

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