Assisted Living

Assisted Living at Waterstone at Wellesley

For seniors desiring an active lifestyle – but needing a little extra help to do so – EPOCH’s assisted living community, Waterstone at Wellesley, opens a whole new world. Our beautiful, vibrant community is dedicated to promoting physical, emotional and mental well-being. Have peace of mind knowing that 24-hour access to personal care service is available, while enjoying your own personal space, along with so many activities and amenities just outside your door. Spend your days as you please, relaxing while we do all the work like housekeeping, cooking and transportation. Welcome to worry-free assisted living for seniors at Waterstone at Wellesley!

Assisted Living Services & Amenities

Waterstone at Wellesley offers all the comforts of home with the services and amenities of a boutique hotel. The physical design of our assisted living community is charming and graceful, with upscale furnishings and accessories, indoor and outdoor dining venues and a heated indoor pool. Porches, gabled roofs, gardens and courtyards provide assisted living residents a relaxing place to enjoy the splendor of nature, while our cozy, elegant interior gathering spaces and private residences add up to a community that residents are proud to call home.

Concerned about maintaining your quality of life if your health needs change? Worry not. Our assisted living community for seniors offers various types and levels of personal care services that change with your needs. At Waterstone at Wellesley, you’ll always receive the right amount of support you need to live each day to the fullest. The entire team at our assisted living community goes above and beyond to make life as carefree as possible so you can live life on your terms.

Life Enrichment

Every aspect of life at Waterstone at Wellesley presents seniors with an opportunity for personal growth. Cultural, educational and social programs are an integral part of life at our assisted living community, both on campus and off. Depending on your passions, you might participate in community art exhibitions, learn a new skill at a nearby college, enjoy cooking, arts or gardening classes, take in historical lectures and film reviews, catch up on current events in our well-stocked library or simply gather with friends and family. Simply put, Waterstone’s assisted living community provides not just support for seniors, but also the endless opportunities you need to thrive in your retirement years.

Health & Wellness

Overall wellness is the key to preserving our assisted living residents’ independence and vitality. We provide a wide selection of exceptional activities and events that exercise the mind, body and spirit. These can be tailored to your ability and personal goals in order to maximize your health, happiness and quality of life.

Licensed nurses customize wellness plans with each assisted living resident and update the plans as needed to accommodate any changes in healthcare, diet or personal needs. Our wellness center also offers a variety of educational programs for seniors and their families.

Physical fitness is a great mood elevator and confidence booster. Waterstone at Wellesley’s senior-safe fitness center encourages assisted living residents to participate in group exercise classes, a personalized fitness program or both! Members of our community have a great time with their friends in our tai chi and aqua-aerobics classes, and enjoy the tangible benefits of cardio, endurance, strength and balance training. Our fitness center is staffed with professional trainers and features exercise equipment that is specifically designed for seniors, with workouts tailored to individual levels of ability, skill and personal fitness goals.