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Making employee wellness a priority at EPOCH of Brewster

At EPOCH Senior Living, we take employee wellness seriously. It’s no secret that employees working with companies that place an emphasis on wellness initiatives are happier in their jobs, are more productive, and, of course, enjoy greater physical and mental wellness. We’ve seen our EPOCH team pursue wellness in a number of ways, from walking initiatives to healthy potlucks to blood pressure checks and more.

At EPOCH Senior Healthcare of Brewster, the Wellness Team there is making great process in transforming part of their break room into a relaxation area. They’ve separated a portion of the space from the rest of the room with a screen featuring relaxing outdoor imagery, and they’ll soon include comfortable chairs and a reading rack with materials focused on wellness.

They’ve also installed a Keurig vending machine to produce custom hot beverages for employees; we all know that with winter nearly here, one of life’s little pleasures is enjoying a hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa and unwinding for a bit.

The team at Brewster is also promoting its monthly wellness newsletter, which includes wellness tips related to exercise, diet, and more. Anyone who picks up a copy is entered into a monthly drawing, and the winner gets a free Keurig mug.

We saved the best for last; the holidays can be a stressful time, as we all know. That’s why starting in December, chair massages will be offered. Can’t beat that!

Pursuing wellness for our team members is an important part of the EPOCH philosophy. Happy, healthy and valued team members are better equipped to offer the best possible care to our beloved residents.

awesome work

Great post! I agree, the better and healthier the  workers are, the more productive they are at work. Good Job!

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