Memory Care Assisted Living
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Memory Care Assisted Living

EPOCH Assisted Living's acclaimed memory care assisted living program can help enhance the quality of life for those with dementia or other memory-related illnesses. Our specialized care program assists residents in maximizing their daily activities of living within a supportive and structured residential environment, while meeting the increased needs brought on by memory impairment. Our specially trained, compassionate staff tailors activities to individual interests and abilities, increasing self-worth, confidence, and joy. Our memory care assisted living program provides a nurturing environment in which residents experience life's pleasures. Our staff's compassion and commitment is vital to our program's success. Continuing education is an ongoing component of staff training.

Memory impairment can alter a person's vision, hearing and sense of smell and touch. We have designed our community to encourage feelings of familiarity and security for all residents. Design features include color-coded objects, the use of non-glare flooring, special lighting and uniquely designed program spaces to help residents feel at home. The home-like atmosphere is further enhanced through specially selected color schemes to evoke comfort and pleasure. Outside courtyards are also designed to allow residents a safe means to enjoy outside activities.

All memory care assisted living residents enjoy the same exceptional services and community features as traditional assisted living in addition to:

  • Dedicated Program Director
  • 24-Hour Healthcare Staff
  • High Caregiver-to-Resident Ratio
  • Specially Trained Memory Care Team
  • Daily Memory Stimulation Activities
  • Furniture Available for the First Month at No Extra Charge

Namaste™ . . . Honoring the Spirit Within

As the symptoms of dementia progress to the advanced stage, Namaste™ is a program that all EPOCH Senior Healthcare communities offer that change the way we care for residents in the last stages of their illness.

Namaste™ means “to honor the spirit within.” This is exactly what we do at EPOCH – honor the spirit of the residents whose lives have been changed by dementia while celebrating the person who still is. The main goal of Namaste™ is to keep our residents as comfortable as possible in a peaceful environment surrounded by compassionate staff and the presence of others.

Namaste™ is a comforting, sensory-based program offering wonderful aromas and comfortable chairs. Residents are wrapped in warm quilts and frequently receive hand and foot massages. Sometimes care is just spending time with a resident. Sometimes it’s listening to music together. Sometimes it’s as simple as an extra hug. We know that a caring touch within a circle of love reaches our residents at this time in life.