Testimonials from Our Residents and Their Families
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Testimonials from Our Residents and Their Families

Grateful Son-in-law

Your combined team has worked very hard to make Elfriede’s transition from independent living to assisted living very palatable. We, as her family, are very thankful and appreciative of all your efforts please extend our sincere gratitude to all of the staff at Melbourne place-you are all consummate professionals.

Resident's Family

To all the wonderful staff at EPOCH at Melbourne: Thank you so very much for all that you do for our parents. We are so appreciative of your kindness, patience, care and professionalism.

Resident's Daughter

How we miss you! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are well. I think about you often and with great fondness ...I wish you a very happy holiday season, whatever you celebrate. Thanks so very much for your lovely email. You, Barb, Kelly and Elaine, as well as so many of your other staff make Melbourne such a special place. We miss you all.

Resident's Daughter-in-law

"Hope this finds you well and that you and your family had a peaceful Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. Now for the winter holidays! ...We wnat to thank you again and again for your kindness and hospitality and help. We all loved Melbourne, and you! We will certainly continue the long chain of enthusiastic recommendations that sent us to you in the first place. Best wishes."

Resident's Daughter

"I want to thank you and your staff for all that you do to make EPOCH at Melbourne such a warm and friendly place. My mother couldn't be happier there. She often remarks about the friendly staff, the cleanliness of the building, the kindness of other residents, and the quality of the food. She is thriving there!"

Elizabeth Sweeney, Daughter

My mother is so very happy at Melbourne. Her spirit is light again. It is so wonderful to see. Moving to Melbourne has brought me peace of mind. I can't thank you enough for running such a wonderful facility.

Diane Barth, Daughter

I just want to say how very, very pleased my family and I are that dad (Sylvan George Barth) has come to live at EPOCH at Melbourne. Dad did not want to go into an assisted living facility (as I'm sure is true of many of your residents), in part because of very unpleasant experiences he had with the facility where his lady friend lived for ten years. When we first visited Melbourne, we were immediately impressed with the excellent condition of the building itself and the warm and embracing atmosphere that we felt as soon as we walked in. We have continued to feel that atmosphere and to be overwhelmingly impressed with the warm, friendly and caring staff. In the five months since dad moved in, we have not encountered a single scowl or unhappy face among staff. Dad loves Melbourne and even when he is feeling unhappy about the fact that he cannot live on his own anymore, he praises your staff - from the dining room and kitchen staff, to the maintenance and housekeeping staff, to the drivers, receptionists, CNAs and occupational therapists (who sometimes actually get him to take part in programs!). He is still kvelling about his lovely birthday dinner with you and the other January celebrants.

We know that dad can sometimes be charming and often difficult, and we are so grateful for all of the gentleness and kind and professional care that he is getting from your staff. We too are constantly impressed with the level of care that he gets from everyone there. We are also consistently struck by the kind, gentle and friendly attitude of every single one of your employees. We know that this is hard and frustrating work, and we have seen residents behave in ways that must be upsetting; but we have never heard a staff member be anything but kind, supportive, patient and when necessary, appropriately firm.

You are to be congratulated on what we assume are both your hiring and training skills. You select and train your staff in a way that could benefit any training program! For all of this, we are deeply grateful.

Lillian Horton

I really enjoy not having to prepare my daily meals, knowing they are all put together with proper nutrition to fit my needs.  Being a “people person,” I find pleasure in meeting new residents and having occasional conversations along the way.

The staff has been properly trained and is ready to listen to my concerns, whatever they may be, and to direct me to relieve my having to handle it alone. They always seem to pacify me in any circumstances; some which would cause me alarm if I had to handle them alone.

I am a typical early riser and appreciate the early breakfast of 7 a.m. and the choices residents have. I’m also pleased with my dining table arrangement, always with a smile from staff members on duty, and their willingness to serve me.

My studio apartment is suitable for my lifestyle. I do not spend a big part of my day in it. I’m thankful that I am able physically to move about inside and outside with my walker.

My family is also pleased with my choice of living here at EPOCH. The only other establishment that we interviewed could not begin to compare with the many comforts I have here. I am happy with the friendships I have made with various staff, from the director to the orderlies, knowing I can call upon them. And I do take advantage of that!

And to add to my pleasures of living here, I have reconnected with a high school friend, Alice (Pacini) McClintock, who not only graduated from Central High School with me in 1935, but also Pittsfield High School in June 1938. Then, last but not least, to learn that both of our husbands had graduated in the same class together, the year previously, 1937. What treasured memories!

Gertrude Treat

I like the home-like feel of EPOCH and the sense of security I have here. The people are so nice. One of the aides and I have lots of fun talking about my making imaginary clothes. One has to hear our conversation to realize our silly fun. Everyone is so pleasant and willing to help you anywhere or anytime.

I start my day after a delicious breakfast. I love to embroider for two hours in the morning until lunch. I like music very much, so most of the piano players here are enjoyed very much. I enjoy a puppet show – cute! The art shows are very interesting with many pictures of all things.

My apartment has two rooms; my husband and I thought it would be less crowded. The living room has our own furniture and it is even arranged similar to our house. The bedroom also has the same spreads and color, pictures, knick-knacks and other things I like.

My family is thrilled that I am where I’m safe and enjoying myself. After looking at quite a few other places, Melbourne won us over. The other places seemed to be cold and unfriendly. I also think the food here is very good – there is a nice variety and everything is very appealing in appearance and tasty. I’m pleased to be so cared for and I know my family is very glad, too. It takes pressure off their minds.

Eugene (Red) Kickery, Husband of Theresa Kickery

When she first got sick, she was at another senior living community, which was a nightmare. We looked all over for a place and found that Melbourne was the place. She was in bad shape and they got her to do things and now there is a difference of night and day, which makes our lives more bearable.

The assisted living care has been fantastic! That is the only word. It makes us feel better. We don’t have to worry about her; we can leave her, go home and feel that she is being taken care of. The care here has been so good for my wife; you can’t go wrong. I have no more worries about her care.

She loves seeing me come through that door every day at 7:30 a.m. and going to breakfast together in the dining room. The staff is wonderful to her. She loves them and they take care of everything.

Dear Diane,
My family and I would like to thank you and your staff for everything they have done for Theresa. Right from the kitchen, to the office they are wonderful. Theresa has been there three years now and has come a long way since living there. We don’t know how to thank you. You should be very grateful to have such good employees.

Eugene (Red) Kickery

Janet Carter, Daughter of Amy Hughes

My mother suffered from severe back pain. We found out that she had fractured and collapsed discs. She ended up in the hospital for a short stay. During that stay, she was evaluated and we discovered that she could no longer do stairs, laundry or household chores. She also was not eating healthy. It was then determined that she truly needed to go into an assisted living program.

Thanks to EPOCH, my mother is well cared for. She has made friends and socializes now, which before she really kept to herself. She is already so much better and loves the food at Melbourne. It has truly given me peace of mind and I love visiting with her because she is happy, safe, secure and not in so much pain. EPOCH has allowed us to enjoy our time together. We don’t spend time worrying that she is safe and secure.

The staff at Melbourne has been wonderful. Everyone is so caring! They make my mother’s life very enjoyable. I am able to eat lunch with her and just talk about family and pleasant topics. Before, it was always a worry or concern about her well-being. Now I am relaxed and we can enjoy one another's company.

Melbourne provides lovely surroundings, caring and helpful staff, delicious menus and above all a safe place in which to live. My mother has her pain medication administered to her. Mom loves the music programs that are provided. She enjoys doing puzzles. Melbourne offers wonderful events that enrich all the residents that live there. Mom never really had hobbies, so it is nice to see her taking part in some of the activities provided.

I’ll never forget the call I received from her describing her birthday dinner. She was so excited! She said she felt like a queen. She went on and on about the delicious meal and how much fun she had. She sounded like a kid again. It truly warmed my heart!

Celeste Morton, Daughter of Alexander DiNicola

My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and my dad was having more and more difficulty walking. It was becoming dangerous for them to stay in their home alone. Mom couldn’t even remember how to turn on or use the stove anymore. Dad couldn't keep up the yard.

We then chose EPOCH for my dad and he’s now been living here for about five years. He is very well cared for by the staff. While it was hard for him when we lost our mom, the comfort of his own apartment and the concern of the staff made it a bit easier.

My ad is 92 years old. As with many elderly people, he has his share of medical problems. The staff at Melbourne knows him so well that they are able to spot any changes in his health/behavior. This is so important, as problems that are caught quickly are easier to treat. Peace of mind is what we have gained by him living there.

Knowing that your loved ones are in a safe, friendly, professionally staffed environment is invaluable. My dad has as much freedom as he wants, but at the same time, he is watched over and help is always available.

My dad loved to work in his yard, play cards and was (and still is) a very social person. EPOCH affords him the opportunity and choice to be as involved with activities as he wants. He belongs to their Memory Club, which helps keep his mind engaged and up-to-date on current events, as well as being a social outlet. He was never a ‘hobby’ person, but he does enjoy the interaction and friendship of the other residents and the staff.

We love the staff at EPOCH. Everyone, from the staff at the front desk, to the wait staff and cooks in the dining room, to the CNAs and nurses, know my dad well. The ladies who run the Memory Club are so in tuned to him that they are often the first to notice any changes to his health/behavior. We truly depend on them all to help us keep dad well and happy.

When my parents lived at home, I'd always make sure to stop by every day to check on them no matter how busy my day was. I worried all the time I wasn't there. Now, I drop by to visit my dad two or three times a week to have coffee in the Country Kitchen or his apartment. Or, my 3-year-old granddaughter and I stop to visit gramps at his “Castle” (she thinks Melbourne looks like a princess castle). She likes to play in the Country Kitchen and visit their pet bird or the fish in the front sitting room. The point being: I’m not racing over to check on him because he’s not answering his phone and I’m afraid he’s fallen or is sick. Our visits can be short or long, but not just because I’m ‘checking up’ on his well-being.

When my dad turned 90, we wanted to give him a birthday party. Because he has difficulty walking and tires easily, taking him out to a restaurant can be a problem. With the help of the Melbourne staff, we put together a party in the Country Kitchen. They set up several tables and chairs and provided the plates and cups, as well as coffee, tea and hot chocolate. We had about 40 family and friends for the evening. As my dad sat at the head of the table watching all his friends, family, grandchildren and great-grandchildren laughing, talking, playing and enjoying themselves, I could hear him saying over and over “Perfect, just perfect!” What better gift could he ask for?

James F. Alexander, Resident

What I enjoy most about living at EPOCH Assisted Living at Melbourne is the freedom and peace of mind from not having to keep track of paying taxes, utility bills and other paper work. Here I can just relax and enjoy every day. It has changed my life for the better and the ambiance and tranquil mood will probably extend my health.

The staff members here are all congenial and polite. They would all meet the standard of what you would find in a 4-star hotel or resort and I cannot praise the dining staff enough. In a word, they are EXCELLENT. I think the food is very good, and I find it difficult to not overeat.

The amenities here make life much easier, and I really enjoy all of the activities and entertainment. BINGO is my favorite, followed by Brain games and some physical activities. I like the entertainment from the various people that come in and some are excellent pianists!

I cannot be more pleased with my apartment. It is very bright with three windows offering splendid sunset views. It has a very clean, bright bathroom, a comfortable heating and cooling system and the housekeeping person, Joyce, is the best! I typically wake at 6:45 a.m., enjoy a fine breakfast and then participate in some activities, before having a good lunch. After more enjoyable activities in the afternoon, a very good dinner completes my average day.

I am self-sufficient, so the care I need now is minimal. But the CNAs I meet seem very capable and I’m sure if I need help in the future, they will be there for me. Knowing that additional care is available, if ever needed, gives me the chance to have a more relaxed attitude.

Three years ago I was here for four months and last year I was at another community for some time. This place is BETTER!! My family is happy I am here and my daughter, Amy, visits me frequently.