Testimonials from Our Residents and Their Families
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Testimonials from Our Residents and Their Families

Carole Andrews, Daughter of Caroline Nicholson

As I write this letter six weeks after the passing of my father (Robert Nicholson), I continue to reflect on the incredible care and compassion exhibited by the EPOCH staff during such a difficult time. With having my mother (Caroline Nicholson) living on the assisted living side and Dad residing on the skilled nursing side, it was challenging to balance care for both, but the amazing help you provided enabled me to handle the situation. As I have mentioned to Karen Custodio, the EPOCH staff wrapped their arms around our family to support and guide us on this journey.

In particular with my father’s care, I cannot express my thanks enough to Sandra (my dad’s nurse) for going above and beyond her nursing duties to care for him, me and my family as well. She was extraordinarily patient, attentive and loving and did such a great job of keeping us informed. Of course the staff on the B-wing of the skilled nursing side (including Tracy, Christine and all the other nurses and CNAs), were such a wonderful team of caregivers. How can I thank you all enough? Last but not least, Patti Moore (NP) and Dr. Bensson helped me navigate through the entire process and I am so grateful for their guidance and support.

My mother was encouraged beyond measure by the staff of the assisted living side during the time of my dad’s passing. There were so many shoulders for her to cry on. She, as well as me and my entire family, received so much love from the entire team and this helped us to get through a difficult period. Care and compassion for my mom has continued on throughout these past six weeks.

Needless to say, I only have wonderful things to say about EPOCH. We do not know what we would have done without you. Of course my mother expresses the same sentiments. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.