Namaste™... Honoring the Spirit Within
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Namaste™... Honoring the Spirit Within

As the symptoms of dementia progress to the advanced stage, Namaste™ is a program that all EPOCH Senior Healthcare communities offer that change the way we care for residents in the last stages of their illness.

Namaste™ means "to honor the spirit within." This is exactly what we do at EPOCH – honor the spirit of the residents whose lives have been changed by dementia while celebrating the person who still is. The main goal of Namaste™ is to keep our residents as comfortable as possible in a peaceful environment surrounded by compassionate staff and the presence of others.

Namaste™ is a comforting, sensory-based program offering wonderful aromas and comfortable chairs. Residents are wrapped in warm quilts and frequently receive hand and foot massages. Sometimes care is just spending time with a resident. Sometimes it’s listening to music together. Sometimes it’s as simple as an extra hug. We know that a caring touch within a circle of love reaches our residents at this time in life.

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