Testimonials from Our Residents and Their Family Members
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Testimonials from Our Residents and Their Family Members

Ethel Yarsh, Resident

I had to go over icicles to get to the door of my hairdresser. Rome the driver, escorted me all the way to the door, I never worried for one minute. I had to make my hair appointment and I am so glad he was there to walk me from the car to the door. We are so fortunate here at Boylston Place to have our own driver that cares. The service today was beyond words!

The Chillakurus, Residents

Dear Laura,

I want to convey the compliments and thanks from me and my wife, Yasho, for yesterday's wonderful arrangements for the "Family Holiday Night" at Bolyston Place.

The decorations were charming, table arrangements were most convenient, food items were very tasty, the staff help was so good, making the event most enjoyable. Your leadership and devoted work of all concerned persons contributed to this success.

Our thanks again,

Chillakuru A. Reddy

Eunice and Carl Feinberg, Family Members

To the entire staff at Boylston Place for always welcoming out family so graciously ......for the perfect way you brighten the day!

Your compassion and assistance for Aunt Charlotte and our family is so greatly appreciated. 

Thank you everyone! 
Eunice and Carl Feinberg

Evelyn Roll, Resident

What makes Boylston Place at Chestnut Hill special when compared to other elder living communities?

For me, today and several times before, when I needed a prescription from CVS that had been called in by my doctor, Boylston Place’s car service came to the rescue! 

Although CVS is just across RTE 9, I cannot walk that far. Our Concierge, immediately called the driver who was nearby with other residents and he made a special trip to pick me up and deliver me to CVS to pick up my much-needed prescriptions. Another time, when I was too ill to travel in the car, the driver went to the store and within 15 minutes, I had my medication in hand.

So, many thanks to the drivers, Dan, Maureen and Rome who not only provide the transportation service but carry my packages and get me back home safely!

Evelyn Roll, Resident

“It’s no bed of roses making that move. It is hard to make changes in life when you’re older. You feel like you give up so much. I never thought I would end up in an elder community. I’m active in my town. I’m a volunteer. I’m engaged in politics and I have been for a long, long time. I told him [my son] he should go [back to his home in Hawaii] and he agreed, but only if I would try a respite stay at a senior community. Before making that move, I had to have surgery after which I was in rehab. I kept going home and being readmitted for one thing after another, and that’s when I agreed to try a respite stay; I knew I needed more help. I looked at several communities and ended up at Boylston Place. I like having a nurse on duty 24-hours, and there are so many services it’s like a residential hotel. The food is really good, and I can have dinner sent to my apartment if I don’t feel like being social. I like that my apartment is cleaned for me, and there is great closet space. If something breaks someone is fixing it within 24 hours. I like the movie theater, and I love that the car will take me where I need to go. The staff understands that people are different with different needs and they accommodate that; they really care and that is so important. In a way, this apartment allows me to continue to be independent.”

Joan B, Resident’s Daughter


My mom was quite ill with a UTI several weeks ago. The nursing staff at Boylston Place did an amazing job. Everything you want in care and attention. Mom is much better now and her difficult time was managed in a way that was professional and trusting.


B.R.C., Respite Resident

Dear Laura, 

In spite of the chill in the air, spring warms me, thanks to my restorative visit at Boylston Place. Thank you for the many things you contributed to make it so.

Boylston Place felt like "home" the very first time I was there -  and continues to welcome me, always.  I hope to keep that connection, so - until next time.

Very best regards.

Joan, Family Member

Just a note to tell you that Passover was amazing at Bolyston Place.

Best ever and I have been hosting Passover for over two decades. Randy was amazing as was all the staff. We had fun and mommy was so proud. A great evening. The food was absolutely delicious. Presentation was awesome.

The room looked amazing. I am reserving the room for next year at Passover if you are okay with that. Please convey to Randy and all how much we appreciate all they did for my family.

Herman Rosen

As a retired executive, I looked for professionalism, customer service and a highly hospitable environment when we reviewed all options for our new home. I can say unequivocally that I have found all of these at Boylston Place. My wife and I have nothing but praise for the service, staff, activities and warm atmosphere of Boylston Place. We could not be more pleased with our decision to move here from the city.

Michelle Schweitzer, Family Member

I just wanted to tell you that my parents seem SO happy. And that makes me SO happy. They love the apartment and every person who has helped them in some way has been wonderful. They went to 2 talks yesterday, which they enjoyed and my mom had her free manicure. They called at least 5 times yesterday and the last call was to say that a lovely, lovely woman helped my father take the best shower. Thank you Dawn!

Sheila, Geriatric Care Manager

Boylston Place offers luxury apartments for both independent living and assisted living appropriate residents. It’s adjacent to EPOCH of Chestnut Hill, a skilled nursing facility—and shares a courtyard and amenities. One of the advantages of being at Boylston Place is that residents are given priority at EPOCH’s skilled nursing and rehab. I’ve referred clients there and have visited a number of times, so I know it well.

The facility initially served a mostly Jewish population, but now there is more diversity among the residents and the programming is diverse and inclusive as well. It’s located in the Brookline/Newton area in Chestnut Hill. It’s within walking distance of shops and a movie theater, but it’s right off a main road and a little distance from public transportation. Parking is an issue in the area generally, but they offer valet parking.

Boylston Place was built about 15 years ago and has 48 units. It was intended to be a high-end, premiere facility and it still is. It’s exclusive, with comparable costs. Each unit is elegantly furnished, using high-end furnishings and materials and has a full galley kitchen. The staff works hard to cater to each resident. This is particularly evident in the dining service.

They have a special sound loop that allows residents to change the setting on their hearing aids in the on-site movie theater, to hear the soundtrack without interference—and limo service for doctor appointments, shopping, other errands or trips out of the facility.

The staff has been very stable, with little turnover, and they’re quite attentive. They have RN service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many of the residents also have private attendants, with the expense paid by the individual resident, which makes it possible for them to age in place for a longer time.

The food is excellent. It’s restaurant-style, four-star dining. They have both a seasonal menu and meals made to order and are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. They also have a high-end activities program that includes a fitness trainer five days a week to staff their fitness center.

Meredith Brayton

What I like best about living at EPOCH is the community living and the lifestyle we have. Knowing that I am cared for and loved and knowing all my needs are met is very reassuring. The staff is wonderful. They are very helpful; they listen and then respond appropriately.

My days here are very full and active. Typically, I’m up at 5:00 a.m., get washed, get dressed and then have breakfast. I meditate and pray, then go downstairs for morning activities and lunch. I go for afternoon activities, followed by supper, and then I enjoy watching TV from 9 to 11 p.m. before bed.

Phase 10 is my favorite card game and I also enjoy spending time with our grandchildren very much. If I want to go to the store, we are driven there twice a week. It is a nice convenience.

My apartment is filled with my personal belongings. I have pictures hung on my walls from local artists. I also have old dolls and teddy bears given to me throughout the years, as well as lots of books. All in all, I have years of wonderful memories with me here.

The dining experience here is very nice. I can sit with whom I want and enjoy a meal and quiet conversation. They have great, great food!

EPOCH has given me a chance to live my life in comfort and with nice people. I had researched assisted living communities and decided this was the most welcoming residence. The care and supportive services here are very thorough. We have our blood pressure taken twice a month. We also get rides to our doctor appointments and for shopping when needed. It is good to know we can stay within the community if we require additional care.

June F Meniz

EPOCH is an embracing place. It is warm and friendly here and I like being part of a community.

I have friends here just like I have enjoyed all my life. Like gravitates to like! The staff is courteous, available, efficient, capable and willing to help. The transportation services provided have made my life much easier. I am very high on this community.

After I awake in the morning, I have coffee and breakfast in my room. Exercise is readily available for anyone like me who likes to participate. After lunch, I usually rest for one and a half hours in the room, enjoy music, catch up on current events and news and then I’m ready for supper. After that, I enjoy watching the news in my room. My favorite activities are music and exercise.

My apartment is spacious, well appointed and well maintained. All of the staff are very courteous – everyone from housekeeping to the director. We all try to use first names. Personally, I am very satisfied with everything at EPOCH.

Helen Donahue

I’m completely satisfied with everything about EPOCH. I’ve been here one and a half years. I’m legally blind and I’m very happy here. They work so hard and make it so homey and so pleasant for all the residents.

Ron Shaich, Family Member

I moved my uncle Ira to Boston from Maryland upon his diagnosis of brain cancer. We needed a place in which he would feel secure and cared for and that would bring him joy during the last months of his life. We found the food and accommodations at Boylston Place to be outstanding and they were able to quickly create a new home for Ira. I profoundly appreciate the staff and all that they did for us.”

Gregory, Family Member

The Veterans Dinner was great! The two wonderful, polite Army soldiers from the Wellesley Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team (WMD-CST)’s response team for chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) defense were admirable and they were SO attentive and reverent of the gathered gentlemen who had all fought valiantly in war conditions.

Thank you for orchestrating such an event and thank you for including me. This is what puts Boylston Place on a higher level!

Bruce Goody, Family Member

Boylston Place is a wonderful environment, professionally run with the emphasis on caring and nurturing. Mom thoroughly enjoyed her experience with the staff and other residents. I highly recommend Boylston Place.

Bob Johnson, Local Senior

You people do a marvelous job of promoting the lifestyle at Boylston Place. A couple of years ago, from the moment I walked in the door, I was treated in a manner that said, “Throw away that cane, Bob, you won’t need it here!” That’s the way it is here, and I have been impressed with all of the invitations I receive regularly to all sorts of interesting activities you host at Boylston Place.

Your approach to enhancing my lifestyle and wellbeing are far superior to all the others I have experienced. You may keep sending me your invitations to the fun events and special nights you put on. No telling when Las Vegas Night or Cocktail Night is going to turn on some octogenarian I play bridge with!