Testimonials from Our Residents and Their Families
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Testimonials from Our Residents and Their Families

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Lucile Parkinson, Daughter

Dear Maureen,

My brother Roger Dumas and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff at Epoch for the excellent care my father, Rudy Dumas, received while he was a resident there.

My father entered assisted living with a certain amount of trepidation and uncertainty but then quickly became accustomed to the routines and daily life there and began to consider Epoch his home. He loved the activities – especially those involving music and dancing! He quickly made friends and felt at ease thanks in large part to your wonderful staff who made him feel welcome and acknowledged.

The dining room staff was so kind and he truly enjoyed his meals. He always said that the food was delicious. We had the pleasure of dining with him at Epoch many times and always enjoyed the food and the kindness of the wait staff. Everyone – from Anne and the other ladies at the reception desk to the office staff, nursing staff, housekeepers and dining room staff – made our visits to Epoch so warm and congenial. We were always impressed with how friendly everyone was to us and to Rudy.

The residents were particularly delightful. They were always so cheerful and it was clear that they enjoy themselves at Epoch too.

Again, many thanks to you and you staff for your kindness, caring and compassion. The last three years of my father's life were spent in a wonderful place and we couldn't have been happier that he was so safe and well cared for.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and may you continue the marvelous work that you do at Epoch!


Lucille (Dumas) Parkinson

Lucene Martel, Resident

Dear Maureen,

Just a note to thank you again for that wonderful spaghetti dinner last night. The meatballs and sauce were elegant and the blueberry pie exceptional.

This is the beginning of my second year at EPOCH and I want to tell you how happy I have been. The staff is great and have helped me so many times. The kitchen crew is super, especially John, our chef. 

I’ve loved Susan and Sabrina and all the fun things we have done – movies, rides and games. Bill and Wayne have made going to the doctors so much easier and pleasant, and John takes us on wonderful rides around the Cape.

I really wanted to say I have loved every minute here and am so happy that Pat and Cy found you and EPOCH. I’m hoping for a few more good years.

Thank you for watching over all of us so well.

Pat Dyke, Resident

I’ve been thinking about what it takes to be in an assisted living situation; living with elderly people and not having a variety of ages around. 

Well, first of all, the aides are younger, peppier, and in general, smiling and pleasant with us. There is a variety of activities open to us – games, church for those who take communion and musical programs, along with movies twice a day.

I chose the book club and discussion - and in particular, I like the gentle yoga and memoir classes. Most importantly, to keep me happy, are the visits and care from my daughter and family, with calls on the phone and visits from friends of varying ages. I like to keep my room looking attractive to keep my spirits up.

Playing my CD’s on my Bose radio and CD player is a wonderful pick-me-up. Music speaks to all ages and all languages. 

My visit to church Sundays is so great for the soul. I’m very grateful for the available transportation on Sunday mornings that allows me to attend local services. Frequently these services feature special guests including school children and visiting musicians. On these Sundays I always return back to EPOCH with elated spirits and a smile that lasts all day.

Well, that pretty much sums it up and I’ll end the evening watching the DVDs brought to me by my daughter, Ellen. I play them at night and find that I can go to sleep easily.

Our personal talents and interests are encouraged. An example of this is the welcoming of my cranes from my home garden and the invitation to me to help plan an appropriate setting for them in the lovely garden area enjoyed by the residents.

I would like to say thank you to all those around me for the smiles and words of encouragement, which make 'Assisted Living' here a most pleasant experience.


Joan, Granddaughter

We had such a nice time visiting my grandmother at Brewster Place. The afternoon entertainment was very good, as was the dinner and band! Below is a picture of our dinner with the ladies of Brewster Place (Dorothy is on the right - 101 years old). Winnie and Mavis were adorable!

The first day we arrived, my grandmother was still adjusting to everything; the hospital to rehab to back home. But after that, she was fine. Thanks for the great job you do!

Dorothy Hood

Betty McKie, Resident

We discovered so many wonderful things at Brewster Place, such as friendships, nutritious food, great service and overall cleanliness. One of the most special things about living here at EPOCH is that there is always something to do. You also have your privacy and the liberty to do as much or as little as you like.

With so many options, there is no typical at EPOCH. I personally enjoy card games, musical events and particularly classical piano.

The staff is excellent. They are friendly, helpful and we are all on a first name basis. I enjoy the services and amenities and all of the aides are cheerful and happy to help.

I love my apartment. Everything in it, I own. Although small, it is exquisite!

Christine Stewart, Resident

I enjoy the compatibility of the staff and residents at EPOCH, as well as the clean and attractive residential rooms, the dining, theatres and public areas. All my needs (and occasionally demands) are met with compassion and reliability. Professional care is provided 24 hours a day.

I have made many new and rewarding friendships with other residents and staff members here. It’s like living in a four-star hotel! The staff is very helpful and is always respectful.

My days at EPOCH are typically busy and challenging. I personally enjoy Tai Chi and memoir writing. But, they can also be peaceful and quiet when needed. I decide how my day will be spent.

The services and amenities here definitely make life easier for me. I feel pampered and fulfilled. EPOCH has made life more peaceful and fulfilling for me and all of my family members are impressed. One of the reasons why I chose EPOCH was to be close to my family’s condo at Sears Point.

The care and supportive services I’ve received have been everything I could ask for – especially my emergency visit to the hospital. I sleep more peacefully now. My apartment is cozy, comfortable, bright, spacious, gracious and clean. And the dining is yummy, healthy and satisfying.

Bob Porter, Resident

What I like best about living at EPOCH is the association between the people. I’ve had no problem forming relationships. It is very easy here.

The staff, the meals and my apartment are all tremendous. I enjoy being able to do whatever I want whenever I want. I especially enjoy making my own videos.

The services and amenities have made my life easier and my family thinks the community is outstanding. EPOCH has given me the opportunity to stay independent and it is so nice and convenient that my family lives close by. Also, the care and supportive services I receive here are excellent and it gives me peace of mind knowing that more care is available if needed.

Irene Hartung, Resident

I like the ambience at EPOCH. It’s just a special place. I always have a feeling of security and peace of mind. I also enjoy being able to live closer to my two sons, two great-grandchildren, one grandson and granddaughter-in-law.

I’ve developed many friends with interesting lives here. It’s a joy to talk to people who are friendly and easy to get to know. They also have a great staff. They give me very personal attention and it makes me feel special. I love Maureen.

All of my days are enjoyable, but I especially enjoy the memoirs on Wednesday, prayer service on Thursday and two afternoons of social hour per week. I also enjoy the music concerts and things that don’t involve sight, as well as the family dinners.

The services and amenities make my life easier. I receive help with clothes, color coordinating, keeping my place clean and finding my lost objects. The staff is very helpful and congenial.

My apartment is sufficient for what I need and I love sunny days in my apartment. It makes for a bright and cheery day. The dining is also very enjoyable! I sit with different people at different meals. The conversation is always very lively.

I find it comforting to live near my family. My family is very happy with everything and they feel I am well cared for. We were impressed during our first visit by the friendly staff and what was offered. The care and supportive services are great. It’s like having a rehab center nearby and nursing care when needed. It gives me peace of mind.

A story comes to mind. An opportunity arose for me to make a suggestion to enhance the Communion service that was offered by the Eucharistic Ministers from Our Lady of the Cape church. Eight or 10 people came. The service included a short prayer and Holy Communion, followed by another short prayer – it seemed like a pit stop!

That did not sit well with me; The Holy Eucharist deserved more reverence than this, so I suggested to Susan Fitzgerald that we add some hymns and scripture readings. She agreed, but left the leadership to me. I tried, but found that my leadership capability had diminished.

Susan Perowitz, an EPOCH staff member, stepped in, happy to help. We worked together; I was so gratified that a staff member would be there to plan each week’s service. After some weeks, our attendance had doubled, showing that this was needed and appreciated.

I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I see residents joining in to the proper reverence to the Holy Eucharist. Residents take part by reading the scripture for the day and jointly saying some inspirational prayers.

I thank EPOCH for this privilege and thank Susan for researching appropriate prayers and music!