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A week of education and entertainment at EPOCH

Whether you live in Providence, Pittsfield, or on the Cape, we have some great educational and entertaining events planned this week. First, we’ll learn how to break that bad habit procrastination with a little help from a professional organizer. Then we’ll enjoy a couple historical presentations – one on Providence founder Roger Williams and the other on New England’s presidential landmarks. Later, award-winning news anchor Mario Hilario will share details of his riveting career, while actor Richard Clark will perform his stellar one-man show.

We welcome you and your family or friends to join us for any or all of these free events. Details below.

‘How to Overcome Procrastination,’ June 17, 10 a.m.-noon
EPOCH Assisted Living at Brewster Place
855 Harwich Rd. Brewster, Mass.

Professional organizer and trainer Maryann Murphy, MSW, will discuss tips for overcoming procrastination. Murphy will give strategies for tackling all the tasks in your life without becoming overwhelmed. Please call 508-896-3252 to RSVP.

Sleep may slow dementia symptoms

sleep and dementiaA study from the University of Rochester Medical Center found that sleep could be even more important than we thought; in addition to helping us learn new things, make decisions, process memory, react quickly and more, sleep could help slow the brain damage caused by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

How? By cleaning up “gunk” that builds up in the brain while we’re awake, including the protein beta-amyloid. These proteins clump and form sticky plaques between nerve cells in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s, blocking cell-to-cell signaling and potentially leading to cell death and tissue loss.

Flag Day celebrations, Alzheimer’s fundraiser and more

Flag Day celebrationsIt’s a busy week at our EPOCH communities with an antiques seminar, an Alzheimer’s fundraiser and a performance by the Berkshire Ballroom Dancers. We also look forward to celebrating Flag Day. We’ll host a celebration featuring a flag exchange and a performance by “Orchestra of One” Susan Mcleod for our friends in Providence; then we’ll host a belated ceremony in Weston where the fire department will help us respectfully retire old flags. All our events are free unless otherwise stated. Keep reading to learn more!

Tai Chi and yoga for healthy aging

yoga for healthy agingPhysical and mental activities are both essential to healthy aging.

Physical exercise of course improves your overall health, reducing your risk for heart disease and other illnesses. Meanwhile, it can reduce your risk for falls by improving your balance. By increasing muscle strength and flexibility, exercise also improves mobility, helping you maintain your independence longer.

Meet our caring staff: Mary Kirk, Director of Social Services

Mary KirkMary Kirk is a longtime member of our team at EPOCH Senior Healthcare of Brewster. Now in her 14th year as our Director of Social Services, Mary has developed rich, deep bonds with residents and staff alike.

Mary meets daily with residents and families to offer guidance and help them navigate the healthcare process. Mary’s support is valued by all, but is particularly important for our new residents. As Mary says, moving from a beloved family home to a nursing home is a difficult transition, one that often makes seniors feel they’re losing their independence. Mary aims to help both seniors and their families cope with the change and adjust to their new home. “I see my role as their key go-to person to help them through the whole process,” she said.