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Alzheimer’s fundraiser, eyeglasses collection and more at EPOCH

Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's 2014September brings new programs and events to our EPOCH communities, including a bi-weekly fitness class open to all local seniors and a collection for unneeded eyeglasses and hearing aids. We’ll also host a presentation on the rehabilitative program Sage Strides, a fundraiser for the upcoming Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Paul Revere Park, and a performance of Broadway classics by Jack Craig. All of our programs are free and open to the public, and we welcome you to participate.

Kids promote seniors’ health

Kids promote seniors' healthIntergenerational relationships are invaluable. A strong relationship with grandparents can boost kids’ self-esteem, give them a stronger sense of family roots, help them understand history from the perspective of people who lived it, learn unique skills and life lessons, and so much more. 

Celebrate National Assisted Living Week® at EPOCH

National Assisted Living Week 2014

This week is National Assisted Living Week®, an annual event sponsored by the National Center for Assisted Living. To celebrate, our communities will host a series of events that all are welcome to enjoy. In honor of this year’s theme, “The Magic of Music,” many of these events include live concerts, music discussions and other musically related events to highlight the important role music plays in assisted living communities across the country.

Music brings joy to residents; helps them build relationships with one another, staff and the wider community; and even stimulates the brain and keeps them sharp. We hope you’ll join us as we honor our residents for all they’ve accomplished throughout their lives and thank staff, volunteers and families for all that they do to make our communities radiant, welcoming homes. All of our events are free, we just ask that you RSVP.

Why seniors should be online

cyber seniorsIt goes without saying that the Internet has given its users increased access to knowledge and the ability to self-publish cheaply. The web has even spurred creativity and given notoriety to ordinary folks who might not have been noticed otherwise. For the people that know how and can afford to use online tools, the digital revolution has democratized media. As our culture is wont to do, however, we have overlooked an important voice missing from the digital discourse: The voice of seniors.

Car shows, cookouts and concerts

Grandparents Day car showThere’s a lot on the agenda at our communities this week. First, we’ll host a car show and cookout in celebration of Grandparents Day. We’ll also start offering a biweekly exercise class specifically designed for seniors. The popular singer and entertainer Steve Palumbo will visit us for the first time and show off his Dean Martin impression. Finally, we’ll welcome musician Dan Daniels for a performance and discussion of classic folk songs. All events are free unless otherwise stated. We welcome you to join us!