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Chinese New Year, book club and concerts at EPOCH

Chinese New YearIt’s a busy week at our EPOCH communities. We’re celebrating the Chinese New Year, hosting our 12th annual winter concert series, and meeting for our monthly book club discussion. Plus, we’ll host some fun performances by Bill Burke and dueling pianists Adam Bergeron and Ethan Stone. All our events are free but we ask that you RSVP.

The impact of negative stereotypes about aging

Have you heard of Aged-Based Stereotype Threat (ABST)? Basically, it means that negative stereotypes about aging can impair the physical and mental functioning of older adults.

The University of Kent’s School of Psychology recently shared the most comprehensive analysis to date of the effect of ABST. Culling evidence from 37 studies, researchers found that when seniors’ feel targeted by negative stereotypes, their memory and overall cognitive performance decreases. Even a small hint that their performance was being judged based on their age caused the seniors to underperform on tasks they might otherwise excel at. Additionally, many seniors who internalize negative aging stereotypes are less likely to seek preventative medical care. As a result, they experience poorer health, limited mobility and even reduced longevity.

Valentine’s Day, ‘The Genius of Marian’ and more

Valentine's Day

We’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day with some great parties this week, but that’s not all. We’ll head to the Orleans Council on Aging for an informative presentation by EPOCH respiratory therapist Terry Brady; host our monthly support group for dementia caregivers; and sponsor a free screening of the award-winning documentary “The Genius of Marian.” All our events are free but space is limited. Please RSVP to reserve your space.  

Celebrate Heart Health

American Heart Month

Each February brings American Heart Month, a time to refocus attention on behaviors that may contribute to our compromise our heart health. The American Heart Association estimates that 83.6 million Americans are living with cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death among both men and women. The good news is that heart disease is largely in our control; by making smart lifestyle choices, we can significantly reduce our risk. Here’s what you can do:

Maintain a heart-healthy diet. This includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and low-fat dairy products. Limit saturated and trans fats, which contribute to high cholesterol levels. Also monitor your daily intake of sugar and sodium. The average adult should only consume 2,300 mg of sodium, and adults 51 or older, with high blood pressure, or with diabetes should limit it to just 1,500 mg.

Music, art and industrial design at EPOCH

This week, we’ll welcome a variety of musicians and artists to our communities. Join us for free performances by David Polansky or the Dave Burbank Orchestra. Those interested in exercising their creativity are welcome to attend a watercolors class with artist Pat Hogan; if you prefer learning about art, join us for the Rhode Island School of Design’s presentation on industrial designer Norman Bel Geddes. All of our events are free but space is limited and an RSVP is requested. We hope you and your family will join us!

David Polansky performs, Feb. 3, 3:30 p.m.
EPOCH Independent and Assisted Living at Boylston Place
615 Heath St. Chestnut Hill, MA

David Polansky entertains audiences of all ages with a program that mixes music, humor, wit and sensitivity. His music has been highlighted by NPR’s Morning Edition, and his instrumental and choral pieces have been performed by the Springfield Symphony, the Zamire Chorale, the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and others. To RSVP, please call 617-244-6400 or register online.