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high health care costs

Are high health care costs a good thing?

We should be celebrating high health care spending. Wait a minute, what? That’s what Michael Hodin, executive director of the Global Coalition on Aging, recently wrote in the Huffington Post.

Hodin says that while many Americans believe our health care system is failing and the costs are too high, the opposite is actually the case – the high costs are a testament to our health care’s success. Health care in America has provided us with groundbreaking medicine and treatments that are keeping us alive longer than previous generations. And because Americans are now living longer than ever before, health care has become a widely sought-after commodity. Being in such high demand, health care costs have of course gone up.

Although Hodin believes our health care system is successful, that doesn’t mean he’s against reform; our current health care budget is simply unsustainable for our government. But rather than simply “slashing spending,” we need to reassess how the money is spent. This way, we can put money into research and programs that will save on health care costs in the future.