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EPOCH of Sharon survives snowstorm through employee dedication

By Mark Nussman, Administrator, EPOCH Senior Healthcare of Sharon

I may have spent the night on a makeshift bed in our community during the recent snow storm, but despite my fatigue, I’m eager to give credit to and salute all the employees of EPOCH Senior Healthcare of Sharon for their dedication to their residents during this ordeal.

Everyone at Sharon felt very fortunate we didn’t lose power. Some places, including the Cape, dealt with high winds that knocked down their power lines; as many as 400,000 people lost electricity and had to use generators. Having electricity throughout the storm gave our staff and residents one less thing to worry about.

The main thing that helped EPOCH Senior Healthcare of Sharon navigate safely through the storm was preparation on the part of the staff and the community. On Friday, the fire department stopped by to make sure the community was ready for the incoming nor’easter. They reviewed Sharon’s emergency response plan and we were happy to hear them deem it “excellent.”

Sharon’s staff came to their shifts early to avoid the delays the storm would inevitably cause. Even though staff left their homes early in anticipation of the snowstorm, many still had trouble getting to our community. The snow was so high and the drifts were so bad that many people’s front doors were blocked. Thankfully, they were able to squeeze through and make it to EPOCH. The staff also spent the night to ensure the residents would be cared for. We asked vendors to deliver food and medical supplies on Friday rather than over the weekend, to make sure our community would have everything it needed to get through the storm.

As an administrator overseeing the community during this weather emergency, I know residents were shocked by the snow’s relentlessness, but they stayed calm throughout the storm. I believe that is because of the excellent leadership the staff demonstrated. The residents could rest at ease, knowing the staff had everything under control.

I’m grateful to the Sharon staff for working extended shifts when they had concerns about their own homes and families. They dedicated themselves to caring for our residents, ensuring they were safe and secure throughout the horrific event. With 30 inches of snow and snow drifts, our team stepped up to the task and became heroes. I am so proud of them for above and beyond to care for our residents.

Snow Heroes

You and your staff truely are heroes. It's heartwarming to hear such dedication to your residents and their care. Thank you so much for sharing!

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