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Residents well cared for during record-setting winter storm

By Joanna Cormac Burt, EPOCH Senior Living Chief Operating Officer

The Blizzard of February 2013 was a historic storm by many measures, most of all by the amount of snow that fell – over three feet in some areas! We hearty New Englanders aren’t afraid of winter, though, and it’s in our nature to come together to help one another in times of need. And that’s what happened at our EPOCH communities.

We are always prepared for power outages at our communities; our generators all kicked in at the communities without power, so residents were kept warm, comfortable and, most importantly, safe. EPOCH’s exceptional staff also kicked in where needed. I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to the team members at all of our communities who, rather than head home at the end of their shift, spent the evening. I also thank the many staff members who came in the night before so that they were there on Saturday to ensure that our residents and our buildings were well cared for – the stories have been very impressive.

So while many people went without electricity and heat during the storm, we had the lights burning and the heaters on at all of our communities and our residents were able to relax, sip on hot tea and coffee, and look out the windows and enjoy the beautiful white blanket of snow that Mother Nature dumped on us.

I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who went above and beyond through the storm and cared for our wonderful residents. It’s all of you who make EPOCH a unique and outstanding place to work, and it’s you who make me, and all of our senior management, so proud.

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