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Meet Karen Bombard, EPOCH cook

Karen Bombard is an EPOCH Senior Living cook who began working at EPOCH as a server in a dining hall nearly 14 years ago. She moved on up to prep cook and then cook as she gained experience and skill. She’ll celebrate her 14th year with the company in October.

“I really enjoy what I do,” she said. “I enjoy mingling with the residents whenever I can.”

The nature of being an EPOCH cook means Karen has very little downtime – she is moving nearly every moment. She said she (usually!) enjoys that part of her job, though, and would rather be busy and moving from one task to the next than not. Karen also said she enjoys the team she works with.

“They’re all good people, and there are some aides in particular that I talk with when we have a free minute,” she said. “The residents, when I do get a chance to mingle, are always very friendly and I usually get a compliment on the cooking.”

Karen has no formal kitchen training but learned throughout her years at EPOCH and said she’s happy she landed in this field for her career. Though three of her children are older and not living at home any more, she said she enjoys cooking for her husband and fourth child regularly.

“I rather enjoy it,” she said. “I guess if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have been here for as long as I have!”

Breakfast is Karen’s favorite meal to prepare for residents, and she serves everything from pancakes and waffles to eggs to sausage and bacon. Her specialty, though, is soups.

“They all love my soup,” she said.

Cook at Norton

Nice to hear a bit about you Karen....good food+smiles=comfort!  Thank you!

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