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Weight loss, Biggest Loser style, at EPOCH of Norton

We’ve written before about the various wellness efforts EPOCH’s team has engaged in. From healthy potluck lunches to recipe exchanges to creating a calming staff retreat with healthy reading materials, we’ve seen lots of great ideas and efforts. At EPOCH of Norton, employees took the initiative to create a Biggest Loser-style competition to promote healthy habits and weight loss. About 20 people participated, and nearly all stuck with it to the end of the 8-week long challenge. Employee Sonja Langlois took away the grand prize of $200 – each participant donated $10 at the beginning of the competition toward this prize – and credited her success to her extremely competitive personality. Sonja lost more than 6 percent of her body weight during the 8-week competition! She's shown here with contender Tom Enderby, who took third. Not shown is second-place finisher Anna Gorss, a dark-horse contender who did not participate in weekly weigh-ins but showed up at the end to compete.

The competition has inspired team members to keep going, and they decided to start another Biggest Loser-style contest so they don’t lose momentum. They’re also offering weekly Weight Watchers meetings at EPOCH of Norton.

Congrats to Sonja, and great job to the rest of the EPOCH of Norton team...!


"BIGGEST LOSER IDEA"is  FANTASTIC.  We loved it so much that we will be starting one in May for the residents and staff at Blackstone.  Thank you Tiffany for your great idea and sharing it with others.  Holly D. Life Enrichment Director, EPOCH on Blackstone

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