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Benefits of assisted living go beyond the community itself

Today's blog entry on how assisted living can improve the lives of not just residents, but their family members as well, was written by EPOCH at Brewster Place Sales & Marketing Director Chuck Tuttle.

“Chuck, I just need to tell you how my Mom’s move to Brewster Place has improved our lives.”  I hear this fairly often. It’s always impressive to me how a move to an Assisted Living community improves the lives of folks who don’t actually live here.

Many seniors who move to Assisted Living (AL) don’t realize how stressful it was for their loved ones before they made their move. The senior may have been living under the same roof, or perhaps independently a few miles from a son or daughter. Even though the senior loves their home and seems to be doing well, there is always a question in the back of the mind of the closest living adult child: Did Mom take her meds? Did she eat lunch? Did she find her glasses? What is she doing with her day? Is she OK?

Without actually being there 24/7, the concerns most adult children feel about the welfare of their aging parents is constant. It’s natural to worry about them.

When a senior moves to their own Assisted Living apartment, the parent/child relationship usually changes. The responsibility of ensuring the safety, engagement and care for the parent is now in the hands of the folks at the AL, who do this skillfully every day. Medications, meals, socializing is all…done. The adult child who just yesterday was busy making sure Mom was OK in addition to the demands of  their own lives, can begin to relax. It’s amazing.

It’s great to see, when the children come to visit Mom or Dad in their new home,  there is no angst. Mom is usually reporting about yesterday’s bridge game, the art appreciation project, or about how the concert pianist played their favorite songs in the living room. I enjoy the smiles and the incredulous looks from the adult children as they realize they need not worry about the care of their beloved parent. Mom’s getting her meds in the correct dose and on time, she’s eating well, maybe gaining some weight, and she’s made friends.  She‘s doing better than she ever could living at home.

I believe that the benefit of an Assisted Living lifestyle reaches far beyond the walls of the building and into the lives, hearts, and minds of the families who become our extended family.

Chuck,Nicely said and so

Chuck,Nicely said and so true. Goes along with the statement I hear most often "I can't believe I waited so long to move".Malcolm

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